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1. What to Consider If You're Thinking About Buying a Vacation Home.  "Can you afford the associated costs of a vacation home? Having a vacation home means extra costs beyond just having a second mortgage payment. In many ways, the costs associated with a vacation home are similar to the costs of buying a home to use as your primary residence..."

2. Avoid These Six Home Improvement Mistakes.  "Overdoing it with your remodeling project can be a problem. For example, an upscale kitchen remodel—complete with state-of-the-art appliances and high-end countertops—may not be right for your home and may be a turn-off to potential buyers when it comes time to sell..."

3. Rate Update: Interest Rates Continue to Be Extremely Low.  "In terms of the future of the interest rates, the Federal Reserve has indicated that it would keep the benchmark rate at or near zero until 2023, which is excellent news for those who are looking to buy a home or refinance their current mortgage..."

4. Get in Your Dream Home Now by Using a Bridge Loan.  "Not only does a bridge loan alleviate the need for a contingency clause, but also many lenders offer bridge loans as fallback alternatives; if a buyer’s current home sells sooner, they won’t need to use the loan. Also, with a bridge loan, an offer can be made that is non-contingent on another sale..."


1. Question of the Month: When Should We Start Getting Ready to Sell?  "We've decided to sell our current home a buy a new home this summer. When should we start getting our home ready to sell? Is it too soon to start now?..."

2. Question of the Month: Refinancing Why Did My Lender Sell My Loan?  "After having my new mortgage for only six months, I received a notice that my lender sold my loan to another lender. What does this mean? Will there be any changes to my mortgage?..."

The regular articles are 425-470 words long and the "Question of the Month" articles are 225-250 words long. All content is written by us and are original articles.

The rate for the usage of our articles—sold as a 3-pack—is $29.99. The cost is per individual user (the articles cannot be shared between multiple agents, brokers, etc.). The content cannot be re-used or transferred to another party for their use.


2 Regular Articles and 1 "Question of the Month" Article

$29.99 per user

Since the usage of the articles is strictly regulated and copyrighted, only we can make edits or changes to the articles. However, we are more than happy to make whatever changes you'd like upon request.

The articles can be used for all of your marketing needs including print, online, social media, etc., but we do ask that you attribute the articles to us, with "© Left Field Media" being placed at the bottom of each article (small font is acceptable).

We take great pride in our customer service. We respond quickly and efficiently to all queries and we will go out of our way to make sure you are happy with your content!



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